About AKAZAWA Roseki

About Akazawa Roseki (赤沢露石)

Akazawa (赤沢, 赤澤, あかざわ)  is Family name

Roseki (露石, ろせき) is art name

Kaho (Kafo)(華峯, かほう) is also art name

Origin of Kochi

Kochi (交趾) is mostly glazed, and the main colors are yellow-green-purple-blue-red.
The color is soft, dark, pale and finely pierced.
There is another type called Byakudan (白檀) with gold leaf (金箔) and Urushi lacquer (漆).
Since ancient times, tea masters have admired Kochi-yaki for its beauty.
There is no definitive explanation as to whether the Kochi-yaki (交趾焼), Kochi-ware, is from Southeast Asia or Kochi China.
Introduced to our contry, Japn, before the Keichō (慶長) era.
Based on that, we will make it in our country.

AKAZAWA ROSEKI : Successive Generations

AKAZAWA Kaho I (Motojiro AKAZAWA 1848-1915) 

Motojiro AKAZAWA Kaho 1st (1848-1915)

Akazawa Roseki II (Shuzo)

Shuzo AKAZAWA Roseki 2nd (1897-1976)

AKAZAWA ROSEKI III (Shisuo Akazawa 1900-1993)

Sisuo AKAZAWA Roseki 3rd (1900-1993)

Seichu AKAZAWA Roseki 4th

Seichu AKAZAWA Roseki 4th(1941-2020)


Yoshinori AKAZAWA Roseki 5th (1971-) Current 

In the 2021 (Reiwa 3), the current generation took the name of the Roseki 5th.  

Since 1877 (Meiji 10), AKAZAWA has been mainly engaged in the pottery of Kochi ware. AKAZAWA’s artistic activity is based in Japan but has been exhibited and collected around the world in Italy, Spain, Austria, Tunisia, France, Latvia, China, Swizerland and many others.